The least statistically-dependent basis and its applications

N. Saito
Conference Record of Thirty-Second Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers (Cat. No.98CH36284)  
Statistical independence is one of the most desirable properties of a coordinate system for representing and modeling images. In this paper, we propose an algorithm to rapidly construct a coordinate system "closest" to the statistically independent one from a dictionary of bases such as the wavelet packets and local Fourier bases. The criterion is to minimize the sum of the coordinate-wise differential entropy and is quite different from the Joint Best Basis (JBB) of Wickerhauser. We
more » ... the use of the LSDB for image approximation and modeling, and compare its performance with Karhunen-Loève Basis (KLB) and JBB.
doi:10.1109/acssc.1998.750958 fatcat:nj2w2gu24zhefnevbyem2j5vm4