Predictions from high scale mixing unification hypothesis

Gauhar Abbas, Saurabh Gupta, G. Rajasekaran, Rahul Srivastava
2014 Physical Review D  
We investigate the renormalization group evolution of masses and mixing angles of Majorana neutrinos under the 'High Scale Mixing Unification' hypothesis. Assuming the unification of quark-lepton mixing angles at a high scale, we show that all the experimentally observed neutrino oscillation parameters can be obtained, within 3-σ range, through the running of corresponding renormalization group equations provided neutrinos have same CP parity and are quasi-degenerate. One of the novel results
more » ... our analysis is that θ_23 turns out to be non-maximal and lies in the second octant. Furthermore, we derive new constraints on the allowed parameter space for the unification scale, SUSY breaking scale and tanβ, for which the 'High Scale Mixing Unification' hypothesis works.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.89.093009 fatcat:jk4yp7sotzhfrmzprqyqx27svq