The Climate Change Response of Pacific Ocean Squids [post]

Jintao Wang, Robert Boenish, Yunkai Li, Xinjun Chen
2022 unpublished
Climate change is proving to be a driving factor reshaping the distribution and altering the movement of marine species, dynamics of which are crucial for sustainable development and marine resources management. However, how Pacific Ocean squids – boasting the salient biological features of a one-year life span and strong adaptive abilities, and which support more than 25% of global squid catches – respond to climate change is overlooked. We address this knowledge gap by constructing
more » ... oral generalized additive mixed models based on hundreds of thousands of digitized Chinese squid-jigging logbooks covering three Pacific stocks of two squid species (Ommastrephes bartramii and Dosidicus gigas) spanning 2005 – 2018. Here we show the relationships between environmental variables and local abundance of squids (reflected by response curves) track changes in climate; the squid biomass peaks and troughs coinciding with La Niña and El Niño events, respectively are moderate in contrast to the effects of directional climate change. We find substantial poleward shifts by squids inhabiting low latitude and middle latitudes. These findings have broad implications both for food security and open ocean ecosystem dynamics.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:7vo5y3qfjbbh3pjbr3qqjpaq3y