Detection of Climatic Trends and Variability of Kolkata City (India) from 1969 to 2014

2018 International Journal of Research in Geography  
Irregularities and variability of total rainfall (R/F), T Max , and T Min are increasing during twentieth century due to the changing climate. Based upon IMD Alipore station data the present study attempts to find out the monthly, seasonal, annual and decadal variability, distribution, trends, and correlations of the variables over Kolkata city from 1969-2014. Comparatively monsoon has more reliable C.V. for the variables. July contributes highest percentage of rainfall (21.1%) to annual.
more » ... %) to annual. Parametric and nonparametric MK test with Sen's slope establishes statistically significant positive trend for annual T Min (+0.03°C/year) at 95% level (7) , and decreasing years for T Min (9) more in number. Continuously increase of positive departure from normal T Min is observed in recent years. Pearson's correlation coefficient at significance level of 0.05 with test statistics results out significant negative relationship between T Max and rainfall (r= -0.53) and a positive of T Max and T Min (r= +0.32). Overall, significant outcomes from this analysis highlight major concerning changes over the Kolkata urban area that to be managed with proper planning. . January and winter season show significant negative trend but no significant trend is found for rainfall. Overall distribution of annual excess and deficit years is almost equal whereas annual increasing years for T Max
doi:10.20431/2454-8685.0402008 fatcat:dtpj6of7ifartdhuxtdjzx7f7m