A case analysis on factors affecting the emergence of social innovations after Covid-19 In Turkey

Eser Guven Ozbay, Asli Tuncay Celikel
2022 Pressacademia  
Purpose- The study aims to explore the factors that accelarate the emergence of social innovations after Covid-19. With the study, it is also aimed to emphasize the topicality and importance of the subject by drawing the attention of stakeholders and academia in the field of social entrepreneurship, where a limited number of studies are conducted in Turkey. Methodology- The study employs a qualitative method that includes literature review, observations and in-depth interviews with 6 social
more » ... ures in Turkey. Findings- The analysis reveals that, being extraversion, openness to experience, conscientiousness, passion, need for achievement, social vision and desire to help others are the most common characteristics among social enterpreneurs participants. It is seen that entrepreneurs are highly open to new experiences and conscientious in their relationships. All extroverted participants make progress in their social initiatives by using their personal networks and experience a sense of personal satisfaction through their social ventures. Another implication of the study is that the actions and efforts of the individuals are encouraged by the work itself and the desire to achieve inner satisfaction, and they use their solutions in creating value not only for their own benefits but also for the others. Although there is limited evidence to support the researchers' basic premise that the COVID-19 pandemic period accelerates and encourages the emergence of social entrepreneurship, the findings are consistent with the authors' conceptual model. Social entrepreneurs are intrinsically motivated to express their needs and passion for achievement, while being extrinsically motivated as social visionaries to satisfy their desire to help their target community. Conclusion- The results of the research confirm the researchers' proposition that the prominent factors in the establishment of social enterprises are pro-social factors and personal motivations. While the factors of passionate and need for achievement from personal motivations drew attention, desire to help others and social vision factors from pro-social factors were determined as leading factors. In this context, it has been concluded that since the social vision is one of the prominent features of social entrepreneurs, participants who are open to experiences can define social problems more easily. Keywords: Social entrepreneurship, social ventures, entrepreneurship motivation, post Covid-19. JEL Codes: L26, L31, M13
doi:10.17261/pressacademia.2022.1561 fatcat:lg6xq6wvuzb7fk3oxi6lxfwxia