Head-mounted display-based intuitive virtual reality training system for the mining industry

Hui Zhang
2017 International Journal of Mining Science and Technology  
Virtual reality (VR) training technology in the mining industry is a new field of research and utilization. The successful application of VR training system is critical to mine safety and production. Through the statistics of the current research and applications of VR training systems in mining industry, all the input/output devices are classified. Based on the classifications of the input/output devices that are used in the VR system, the current VR training systems for the mining industry
more » ... mining industry could be divided into three types: screen-based general type, projector-based customized type, and head-mounted display (HMD)based intuitive type. By employing a VR headset, a smartphone and a leap motion device, an HMDbased intuitive type VR training system prototype for drilling in underground mines has been developed. Ten trainees tried both the HMD-based intuitive system and the screen-based general control system to compare the experiences and training effects. The results show that the HMD-based system can give a much better user experience and is easy to use. Three of the five components of a VR training system, namely, the user, the tasks, and software and database should be given more attention in future research. With more available technologies of input and output devices, VR engines, and system software, the VR training system will eventually yield much better training results, and will play a more important role in as a training tool for mine safety.
doi:10.1016/j.ijmst.2017.05.005 fatcat:o2vicws7srfcre3yfpzbdxai5u