iProClass: an integrated, comprehensive and annotated protein classification database

C. H. Wu
2001 Nucleic Acids Research  
The iProClass database is an integrated resource that provides comprehensive family relationships and structural and functional features of proteins, with rich links to various databases. It is extended from ProClass, a protein family database that integrates PIR superfamilies and PROSITE motifs. The iProClass currently consists of more than 200 000 non-redundant PIR and SWISS-PROT proteins organized with more than 28 000 superfamilies, 2600 domains, 1300 motifs, 280 posttranslational
more » ... on sites and links to more than 30 databases of protein families, structures, functions, genes, genomes, literature and taxonomy. Protein and family summary reports provide rich annotations, including membership information with length, taxonomy and keyword statistics, full family relationships, comprehensive enzyme and PDB cross-references and graphical feature display. The database facilitates classification-driven annotation for protein sequence databases and complete genomes, and supports structural and functional genomic research. The iProClass is implemented in Oracle 8i object-relational system and available for sequence search and report retrieval at http:// pir.georgetown.edu/iproclass/.
doi:10.1093/nar/29.1.52 pmid:11125047 pmcid:PMC29833 fatcat:bzntvv4tqzgafb52jdyvbp6ev4