Contrastive Studies on Traditional English Listening Course and English Audio-visual-oral Course Based on Information Technology

2020 DEStech Transactions on Social Science Education and Human Science  
Nowadays, with the fast development of information technology, changes happen in every field, thus reform also happens in every field. In teaching field, teachers begin to compare traditional teaching ways/methods with modern teaching ones. They try their best to have a try to reform their teaching methods or modes. In this paper, the author has made a contrastive studies on traditional English Listening course and English Audio-visual-oral Course (AVO course) based on information technology.
more » ... ation technology. From the contrast, the author has found so many advantages of the application of information technology. In the course of study, the author had done some comparisons and made some investigations. All of the investigation data supports the continuous reforming of teaching course. And the author hopes that the teaching reform as well as studying results in AVO course will be useful for all other teachers.
doi:10.12783/dtssehs/emit2020/35113 fatcat:47vqdlmfqje63dskkuhyaoq52y