Quasiparticles in the vortex state ofV3Si

R. Corcoran, N. Harrison, S. M. Hayden, P. Meeson, M. Springford, P. J. van der Wel
1994 Physical Review Letters  
Low-energy quasiparticle excitations in the vortex state of the superconductor V3Si have been investigated using the de Haas-van Alphen effect. Quantum oscillations persist to surprisingly low values of Bo/B, 2 -0.6 and T/T, -0.001. The superconducting state introduces a field-dependent quasiparticle damping which has a value h r ' = 0.25k at the lowest fields investigated, considerably less than the superconducting gap h. Quantum oscillations are attributed to the presence of a gapless
more » ... f a gapless excitation spectrum and may be a universal characteristic of superconductors in the vortex state.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.72.701 pmid:10056501 fatcat:hnugklz6wjgjfcwaoj6n5zhpie