Volunteered Geographic Information System and Its Contribution in Service Sector Employment [chapter]

N N Ramaprasad, Priya Narayanan
2019 Geographic Information Systems [Working Title]  
The potential of identifying the position of the observer in the geographical system in relation with neighbouring details and the instantaneous communication to the web server has created big data in geographic information, which has evolved in web Geographical Information System (GIS). Web GIS server provides the most reliable information in real-time. The technology is in its newbie has fascinated every age group to become the member of Web GIS. The use of technology and services are so
more » ... friendly that even a layperson can handle without errors. The technology is finding its way in many service sectors like E-Commerce, vigilance, security and real-time tracking. The scope of expansion of this technology regarding the user community and knowledge utilisation awaits its versatility. The augmentation of techniques with its unique combinations has resulted in the building blocks of innovation and citizen-friendly apps. The growing user community is, in turn, encouraging the amateurs and professional to contribute to it. The web GIS facilitated service sector employment, which provides service at doorsteps, hence creating a scope of opportunities for young entrepreneurs.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.82004 fatcat:ymrh35h5kzazhlp6othadcawqy