Crime in Bengal

1880 Scientific American  
business facilities of New York city, promotes rapid tran_ l Castle Garden labor bureau. Of these some were engaged NEW INVENTIONS. sit, and adds to the wealth and prosperity both of city and I to work in coal and iron mines in this State and Pennsyl-A means for determining the action and effect of steam State. The legislature of New York should assist the work! vania; several Germans were sent to Frary's cutlery works in the retorts when manufacturing water gas has been by promptly granting
more » ... most liberal facilities for estab-I in East Bridgeport, Conn.; 40 Hungarians were sent to brick-patented by Mr. Henry C. Bowen, of New York city. lishing depots and necessary works on the New York: yards in New Jersey; 20 Hungarians were forwarded to the In the manufacture of water gas the method heretofore in side of the river. Congress has just passed the bill to facili-I brickyard at Northport, L. 1., and a few farm laborers were I general use is to charge a retort or generator with coal, then tate the organ�ation of a great International Exhibition, to sent to ConnE(Cticut. Applications are on file with Mr. Jack. bring it to a state of incandescence by driving air through be held in New York city in 1883. If the State legislature son from fifty different places for silk weavers� wrappers, it, then to shut off the air and force steam through the in will now act promptly in granting the modest requirements and winders, cotton and woolen weavers, spinners, and card· candescent mass of coal. At this high temperature the in of the tunnel company this great work of tunneling the room hands. One application was received for 200 car-candescent carbon decomposes the steam, forming carbonic Hudson will be completed before the exhibition opens and penter� to work on the new hotel at Rockaway Beach, the acid and hydrogen, and the carbonic acid, as it passes in time to bring. millions of passengers from the North, wages offered being $2.25 a day, with �n average of two farther through the mass, is itself decomposed or robbed of South, and West directly into the limits of the city. The days' overtime each week in good weathet' , Applications one equivalent of oxygen by the carbon to form carbonic great railway tunnel under the Thames river, at London, were received from the Columbia Stone Company, North oxide. The commingled carbonic oxide and hydrogen then 1,600 feet long, is justly regarded as one of the most re-Amherst, Ohio, for 20 or 30 Germans to work in the stone constitute the base of the water gas, and pass out of the gens mark able engineering works ever undertaken. But this quarries; 100 stonecutters in other places; 10 moulders; erator, to be subsequently carbureted by passage through a
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