Optical simulation of a Popescu-Rohrlich Box

Wen-Jing Chu, Xiao-Lan Zong, Ming Yang, Guo-Zhu Pan, Zhuo-Liang Cao
2016 Scientific Reports  
It is well known that the fair-sampling loophole in Bell test opened by the selection of the state to be measured can lead to post-quantum correlations. In this paper, we make the selection of the results after measurement, which opens the fair-sampling loophole too, and thus can lead to post-quantum correlations. This kind of result-selection loophole can be realized by pre-and post-selection processes within the "two-state vector formalism", and a physical simulation of Popescu-Rohrlich (PR)
more » ... ox is designed in linear optical system. The probability distribution of the PR has a maximal CHSH value 4, i.e. it can maximally violate CHSH inequality. Because the "two-state vector formalism" violates the information causality, it opens the locality loophole too, which means that this kind of results selection within "two-state vector formalism" leads to both fair-sampling loophole and locality loophole, so we call it a comprehensive loophole in Bell test. The comprehensive loophole opened by the results selection within "two-state vector formalism" may be another possible explanation of why postquantum correlations are incompatible with quantum mechanics and seem not to exist in nature.
doi:10.1038/srep28351 pmid:27329203 pmcid:PMC4916437 fatcat:j43ibvvlk5d53cgro2xh7qocti