Defects Inspection in Polycrystalline Solar Cells Electroluminescence Images Using Deep Learning

Muhammad Rameez Ur Rahman, Haiyong Chen
2020 IEEE Access  
Solar cells defects inspection plays an important role to ensure the efficiency and lifespan of photovoltaic modules. However, it is still an arduous task because of the diverse attributes of electroluminescence images, such as indiscriminative complex background with extremely unbalanced defects and various types of defects. In order to deal with these problems, this paper proposes a new precise and accurate defect inspection method for photovoltaic electroluminescence (EL) images. The
more » ... images. The proposed algorithm leverages the advantage of multi attention network to efficiently extract the most important features and neglect the nonessential features during training. Firstly, we designed a channel attention to exploit contextual representations and spatial attention to effectively suppress background noise. Secondly, we incorporate both attention networks into modified U-net architecture and named it multi attention U-net (MAU-net) to extract effective multiscale features for defects inspection. Finally, we propose a hybrid loss which combines focal loss and dice loss aiming to solve two problems: a) overcome the class imbalance problem, and b) allowing the network to train with irregular image labels for some complex defects. The proposed multi attention U-net is evaluated on real photovoltaic EL images datasets using 5-fold cross validation technique. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed network can segment and detect various complex defects correctly. The proposed method achieved the mean intersection over-union (m-IOU) of 0.699 and F-measure of 0.799 which outperforms the previous methods. INDEX TERMS Multi-attention U-net, cracks segmentation, electroluminescence images, defects inspection. HAIYONG CHEN received the M.S. degree from
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2976843 fatcat:teckyn2pcjdythssmdaloioomi