Speedup in Classical Simulation of Gaussian Boson Sampling [article]

Bujiao Wu and Bin Cheng and Jialin Zhang and Man-Hong Yung and Xiaoming Sun
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Gaussian boson sampling is a promising model for demonstrating quantum computational supremacy, which eases the experimental challenge of the standard boson-sampling proposal. Here by analyzing the computational costs of classical simulation of Gaussian boson sampling,we establish a lower bound for achieving quantum computational supremacy for a class of Gaussian boson-sampling problems, where squeezed states are injected into every input mode. Specifically, we propose a method for simplifying
more » ... he brute-force calculations for the transition probabilities in Gaussian boson sampling, leading to a significant reduction of the simulation costs. Particularly, our numerical results indicate that we can simulate 18 photons Gaussian boson sampling at the output subspace on a normal laptop, 20 photons on a commercial workstation with 256 cores, and suggest about 30 photons for supercomputers. These numbers are significantly smaller than those in standard boson sampling, suggesting Gaussian boson sampling may be more feasible for demonstrating quantum computational supremacy.
arXiv:1908.10070v1 fatcat:ivohhgucyzgvpd6qndwilavziy