Tubular Initial Conditions and Ridge Formation

M. S. Borysova, O. D. Borysov, Iu. A. Karpenko, V. M. Shapoval, Yu. M. Sinyukov
2013 Advances in High Energy Physics  
The 2D azimuth and rapidity structure of the two-particle correlations in relativistic A+A collisions is altered significantly by the presence of sharp inhomogeneities in superdense matter formed in such processes. The causality constraints enforce one to associate the long-range longitudinal correlations observed in a narrow angular interval, the so-called (soft) ridge, with peculiarities of the initial conditions of collision process. This study's objective is to analyze whether multiform
more » ... ether multiform initial tubular structures, undergoing the subsequent hydrodynamic evolution and gradual decoupling, can form the soft ridges. Motivated by the flux-tube scenarios, the initial energy density distribution contains the different numbers of high density tube-like boost-invariant inclusions that form a bumpy structure in the transverse plane. The influence of various structures of such initial conditions in the most central A+A events on the collective evolution of matter, resulting spectra, angular particle correlations andvn-coefficients is studied in the framework of the hydrokinetic model (HKM).
doi:10.1155/2013/209182 fatcat:sd6eep4bjnbpxfyk6yw4sbc3oi