The effects of Anterior versus Posterior Glide joint Mobilization in Improving Functional Activity of the shoulder in Patients with adhesive capsulitis

Srikanth Babu, Srinivas, Ravindra Kumar, Jalaja Prakash
2013 International Research Journal of Biological Sciences   unpublished
Primary adhesive capsulitis is a term used to describe an insidious onset of pain and movement restriction in the glenohumeral joint. The objective of this study is to compare the effectiveness of anterior versus posterior glide mobilization techniques for improving functional activity of the shoulder in patients with adhesive Capsulitis. In this study a total number of 20 subjects were randomly selected. Samples were selected into experimental group and control group. Both groups received
more » ... sound therapy, joint glide mobilization and shoulder exercises, treatment differed in the direction of glide. Experimental group received posterior glide and control group received anterior glide. Functional activity is measured by using Shoulder Pain and Disability Index (SPADI) score, Pain is measured by VAS Score, and Range of motion is measured by Goniometer initially before treatment and after 5, 10 and 15 sessions. Statistical analysis was performed to know the significant effects of parameters in pre and post and also to compare posterior mobilization and anterior mobilization groups with respect to parameters external rotation range of motion, VAS score and SPADI Score. To know the significant effects in pre and post of each parameter we have used paired sample 't' test and to compare groups we have used independent sample 't' test. Group comparison was made by considering the differences between pre and post values of each parameter in both groups and found significant in external rotation range of motion and SPADI score in posterior mobilization compared to anterior mobilization group (P < 0.05) but for VAS (Pain) there was no significant difference between posterior mobilization group and anterior mobilization group. (P > 0.05). In conclusion posteriorly directed joint glide mobilization technique was more effective than anteriorly directed mobilization techniques in improving functional activities in patients with shoulder adhesive capsulitis.