Investigation and Analyzing a Systematic Way to Design

Nooshin Akhavan
2015 International J. Soc. Sci. & Education   unpublished
The optimal solution for the collection of real needs in special situations is provided through the analysis of systematic designs. In order to find the answer for the question of this study, two viewpoints are investigated with respect to a systematic way of design. The general policy of the study is to find out justifications regarding the nature of design and the process of design is analyzed as well. The notion of design is considered broadly in this paper and it has been analyzed in the
more » ... y of the paper. To this end, first the foundation of design is elaborated upon and to be clearer, the process of design is discussed in the light of the most recent studies. Moreover, it is the concern of this paper to deal with the idea of whether design is acquired or potential or whether design is prescriptive or descriptive. All these questions are dealt with in the relationship between design and art and creativity is at the center of these two concepts. Therefore, we can decide that design is made up of many underlying elements which cannot be segregated from each other.