Control Of Lipid Profile On Diabetes Mellitus Animal Models With Watercress And Black Rice Bran

Agustin Syamsianah, Herlisa Anggraini
Fluctuations of blood glucose levels in people with diabetes is a major cause of developing complications from hyperglycemia ability to form the free radicals. Hyperglycemia condition that causes glucose autooxidation, protein glycation, and polyol pathway activation so as to accelerate the formation of reactive oxygen compounds, further increasing the modification of proteins, lipids, and DNA in various tissues. Various studies have been done, but they rarely take advantage of local foodstuffs
more » ... of local foodstuffs as a functional food therapy. Raw foods contain a powerful antioxidant that is a combination of watercress and black rice bran. This study aimed to analyze the effect of functional food supplements to changes in the lipid profile of experimental animals. The results showed that levels of total cholesterol and triglyceride levels decreased significantly after being given the supplement. There is a significant increase in HDL levels in experimental animals after supplementation for 4 weeks, however, supplementation is not significant effect on LDL levels decrease.