The Prevalence of Postural Disorders Among Eighth Grade Elementary School Students

Bojan Jorgić, Stefan Đorđević, Saša Milenković, Ratko Stanković
2020 Physical Education and Sport Through the Centuries  
SummaryBy determining the prevalence of postural disorders among eighth grade school students it is possible to indicate the state of these disorders at the end of the elementary school level of education, and compare it to the results obtained by applying corrective treatments on high school students. Thus, the aim of the research was to determine the prevalence of postural disorders among eighth grade school children. The research was carried out on a sample of 101 eighth grade students of
more » ... h genders, aged 14. The photometry method was used to determine the presence of any postural disorders. The research results indicated that a proportionally statistically significant large number of participants with postural disorders were identified. Of the total number of participants, 60.4% had postural disorders, the most prevalent of which was flat back (22.8%), kypho-lordosis, (20.8%), lordosis (9.9%) and kyphosis (6.9%). Analyzed in terms of gender, the percentage of the girls with postural disorders is statistically significantly greater than that of the boys. Due to the large number of children with postural disorders, the recommendation is that the evaluation of the postural status of students should take place not only at the elementary school age, but also at the high school age. In addition, evaluation alone is insufficient, and exercise programs to correct postural disorders are required as well.
doi:10.2478/spes-2020-0007 fatcat:s4g7psuubbar5ozlpd3szbcc24