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Marina P. Lebedeva, Sergei D. Aizinov, Aleksei O. Lebedev
2017 Vestnik Gosudarstvennogo universiteta morskogo i rechnogo flota imeni admirala S O Makarova  
The concise description of new method of ship safe passage in restricted waters of harbor was described. This method was introduced by employees of the laboratory of Seaworthiness and Makarov Training center specially to solve the problem of ship's safe (accident-free) operation in Saint-Petersburg seaport. The method can be used with ship of any displacement maneuvering in real fairways. The method consists of two parts -calculated part -used to analyse all possible variants of the problem,
more » ... of the problem, and the ship motion simulation to analyse the ship motion ability in real time taking into account navigation restrictions. The calculated part based on simplified mathematical model. It allows to consider greater number of variants of ships and ship's steering scenarios. The simplified mathematical model differs from the full one only by the ship's environment absence. Method allows to change mathematical description of forces and moments acting on the ship, and easily adapt it to particular situation. It enables to obtain more accurate result. The result of analysis allows to exclude negative variants and thus reduce number of ship's steering scenarios to test. This reduce the total amount of time required for the work. The second part of the method includes the ship motion investigation using the navigation simulator. One or several models are tested in real time. The experienced pilots con the models to examine the problem, taking into account all peculiarity of navigation situation.
doi:10.21821/2309-5180-2017-9-1-111-120 fatcat:2nyj267lcva3fbvzadb6onh3li