Stenogramme interrupta, (C. Ag.) Montg

1892 Annals of Botany  
With Plate XXIH. HTHE genus Stenogramme (stenos, narrow, gramme, line) -L was founded by Harvey in 1841 to include a Californian sea-weed, in which the fruit had the anomalous form of a nerve-like, or midrib-like, interrupted line in the thallussegments. Of the two species of Stenogramme, S. interrupta, (C. Ag.) Montg., and 6". leptophylla, J. Ag., 6". interrupta, though a rare British red alga 1 , is to be found growing in Plymouth waters, and may be obtained, in all stages, in tolerable
more » ... in tolerable plenty by dredging in 5-7 fathoms in Plymouth Sound, west of the Duke Rock buoy. In spite of the unusual form and position of the cystocarps, the female plants have not been described since Harvey examined the ripe fruits; the male plants, beyond a passing reference in the Etudes Phycologiques 2 , have not been described ; and doubts still exist as to the characters of the tetrasporangiate plants. Tetrasporangiate Plant. The tetraspores are cruciate (Fig. 2) : the tetrasporangia are so arranged as to form wart-like sori of varying size and outline, irregularly scattered over both surfaces of the thallus 1 Harvey, Phyc. Brit., PI. CLVII.
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