Removal of Cu2+from the aqueous solution by tartrate-intercalated layered double hydroxide

Yanming Shen, Xiaolei Zhao, Xi Zhang, Shifeng Li, Dongbin Liu, Lihui Fan
2014 Desalination and Water Treatment  
Adsorption of Pb 2+ ion by a tartrate intercalated MgAl layered double hydroxides (MgAl-TA LDHs) was studied. The adsorption isotherms and kinetics were investigated as a function of various experimental parameters using batch adsorption experiments. The results indicated that the adsorption isotherm was well described by Sips model. The kinetic adsorption data were fitted well to the pseudo-second-order kinetic equation. The adsorption of Pb 2+ was controlled mainly by the chemical process
more » ... hemical process combined with intraparticle diffusion. Parameters of adsorption thermodynamic suggested that the interaction of Pb 2+ adsorbed by MgAl-TA LDHs adsorbents was thermodynamically spontaneous and endothermic.
doi:10.1080/19443994.2014.981866 fatcat:ofvpa3xvk5gylmbzx5h7pj325y