Piano Teaching Knowledge Graph Construction Based on Cross-Media Data Analysis and Semantic Network

Han Li, Gengxin Sun
2022 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience  
With the rapid development of information technology and mobile Internet, digital image, text, audio, video, and other cross-media data are growing explosively, which has changed people's way of life and work. In view of the issues of negative studying effectivity and challenging attention of college students in the modern-day piano instructing process, this paper puts forward the application of knowledge Atlas technology in piano teaching and constructs a multimodal knowledge Atlas of piano
more » ... ching based on deep neural network, so as to make piano teaching more intelligent and improve students' learning efficiency and learning interest. How to realize the semantic association understanding of cross-media data is the core problem of cross-media semantic analysis. First, this paper introduces the basic rules of ontology construction and the basic method of establishing general knowledge graph are introduced. Then, taking the piano teaching content as an example, natural language sentences can be expressed and stored with cross-media data using semantic network. The mathematical understanding is extracted in accordance to the herbal language processing technology, and the entities are fused in accordance to the frequent semantic similarity detection between extraordinary entities, so as to decrease the redundancy and repetition fee of entities and the complexity of the graph. The fused new knowledge is processed according to the quality evaluation rules, the qualified part is added to the knowledge base, and then the above steps are iterated to update the database. The great overall performance of piano instructing understanding graph mannequin primarily based on semantic network is validated through experiments.
doi:10.1155/2022/5499593 pmid:35755737 pmcid:PMC9225848 fatcat:ft5itsab3zgmdcjpj3dsidu7iy