Two-step Harmonious Melody Generator
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S. Latkina
2015 Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming of RAS  
An establishment and spread of computer technologies has expanded the spectrum of non-mathematical problems that are suitable for algorithmic description and simulation, related to human creativity activity, art, in other words. Undoubtedly, various scientific and artistic works have their specific features and some common ones. The main point is that any art product is initially based on an intuition. The intuition of humankind, surely, relies in his experience. Nevertheless, this experience
more » ... , this experience may obtain different nature. It can be acquired during rational, formal, and conscious studying of creativity specifics. However, the experience may be got by another way. Musical communication, its scales, intonations, or rhythms form in the mind some relationships, logical dependencies, which subject the certain laws and principles of melody organization. These accurate and clear patterns allow computer to take them into account, translate into commands, and simulate the process of music creation. In this paper the attempt of modeling composer's functions on a computer is described. Modeling opuses on the basis of unification of musical rhythm and melody line allows providing computer music with given parameters of composition. Using the new approach leads to the results which differ from the predecessors and suggests new direction for further research and development in the sphere of computer art.
doi:10.15514/ispras-2015-27(3)-28 fatcat:me7aar73ufcgreo37s66d47yjq