The Effects of Online Information on E-Book Pricing Strategies: A Text Analytics Approach

Kang Li, Lunchuan Zhang, Dianwei Wang, Dinglu Pan, Giuseppe D'Aniello
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Nowadays, electronic book vendors are increasingly proactive in trying to strategically capitalize on online big data generated by consumers. It will bring great profit for vendors if they can make the most of online reviews to figure out the impact of online data on the selling prices of e-books. In this paper, we complement an emerging body of research to explore how e-book prices could be affected by online information via analyzing the sheer volume of online data from e-book websites,
more » ... , we first employ a domain ontology-based method to select the most discriminative features that may affect e-book prices. Then, the topic modeling method latent Dirichlet allocation and aspect-oriented sentiment analysis methods are applied as a supplement. Using the multiple regression method, we identify the key features that may have effects on the prices of e-books and give the related regression equation. In our results, some factors including paper book prices, paper book pages corresponding to the e-book, and e-book content have significant effects on the price of e-books. The managerial implication is that e-book firms can obtain a reference price for an e-book and may dynamically adjust the price to increase e-book sales according to our data analysis results.
doi:10.1155/2021/2058960 fatcat:gtzl4f3aivhp7nu7zkevwy4qqa