Membranomics Research on Interactions between Liposome Membranes with Membrane Chip Analysis

The liposome immobilized on indium tin-oxide (ITO) electrode was prepared to evaluate the liposome-liposome interaction to develop "Membrane Chip". Three kinds of standard liposomes entrapping the fluorescence probe, calcein, were used for their immobilization, where the immobilized liposomes show the different characteristics in their phase transition temperature and membrane fluidity. Membrane Chip could give the set of the quantitative information relating to the membrane-membrane
more » ... membrane interaction. The interaction between three immobilized liposomes and 22 kinds of liposomes as samples was then systematically investigated on a basis of the calcein release from the immobilized liposomes, which could give the information in relation to "Membranome". It was, therefore, found that the Membrane Chip as a means of Membranomics research was effective to evaluate the Membranome information of liposomes.
doi:10.5360/membrane.34.342 fatcat:npdbb6vhlrcsxn26tlnae5ckyy