Liberación de Ibuprofeno usando la red metalorgánica de Zirconio UiO-66

Diana Laura Báez-García, Alejandra Santana-Cruz, Sandra Loera-Serna
2019 Revista de sistemas experimentales  
In the present work, a type of zirconium metal organic framework known as UiO-66 (reported by researchers from the University of Oslo, for which it is called acronym) was used to adsorb ibuprofen and release it in a medium simulating the blood pH. The bioviability and low toxicity of the UiO-66 are the characteristics by which this nanomaterial was chosen to transport a drug. This project implemented a methodology for the synthesis of UiO-66 at room temperature; it was also achieved to adapt
more » ... chieved to adapt the techniques of in vitro release of drugs reported in the literature, to the simulated release of ibuprofen using the UiO-66 framework. The aim of the in vitro simulation was to determine the efficiency with which this material transports and releases ibuprofen to the blood. Therefore, the simulation conditions considered a physiological temperature of 37 ° C and a release medium (buffer solution of phosphates) with pH similar to the blood. The results show that the release was carried out gradually during the first 24 h. In addition, regardless of the initial concentration, the amount of ibuprofen released was the same.
doi:10.35429/joes.2019. fatcat:yhal33o3qjbgvmf6eehyhskdby