Olena Kolomytseva, Maciej Borski, Angelina Karakai
2018 Proceedings of Scientific Works of Cherkasy State Technological University Series Economic Sciences  
In unstable economic conditions for businesses, the need for constructive solution of organizational conflicts between interested parties is of great importance. The need for special management tools that can integrate the goals and interests of all project participants and find an effective way out of conflict situations is emerging. The purpose of this work is to study the peculiarities of conducting business negotiations in commercial companies. It is carried out with the help of a
more » ... ire, the analysis of small business companies from various industries (agriculture, retail and wholesale trade, etc.) in Cherkasy region with a weak and average level of organizational structure, and interviewing of the personnel. The problem areas of the companies under study and features of conducting business negotiations based on the data analysis from the questionnaire are identified. The analysis of styles and strategies of negotiations and the formulation of various possible scenarios for their development allow to develop practical recommendations for managers to hold negotiations between interested parties. A situational model for choosing a rational strategy for negotiations is developed. Problem relevance. In conditions of economic instability, the functioning of national companies significantly increased the value of sustainability of economic activity and contractual relations, credit of trust between business partners and ability to constructively resolve organizational contradictions. Of course, negotiations are the most active and productive process of coordinating interests of the company. They become an everyday working tool for setting goals and coordinating actions of functional units. Communication skills and adequacy of interpretation of received information are recognized by the majority of employees as strategically important and scarce resource for the career, professional and personal growth and the company's success in general [1]. Modern projects are carried out in an environment, characterized by insufficiency and blurred administrative powers, which not only creates the preconditions for the emergence of conflicts, but also is an environment that involves permanent presence of conflict situations [2]. In such circumstances, most of the traditional managerial methods become inadequate. There is a need for special management tools based on the use of specific organizational methods and procedures that enable the integration of goals and interests of all project participants and find an effective way out of conflict situations both at the level of partner relationships in the project and at the level of interaction among project team members. Traditionally, the issues of business negotiations are considered in relation to sales efficiency increase, representative negotiations with external agents and managerial communications. The diversity of crossfunctional interactions among divisions and employees and the problem of increasing the business efficiency communication among interested parties create the need to study business negotiations as an important component of negotiating practices in project management. Analysis of recent research and publications. Analysis of theoretical approaches to negotiation demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of applied research strategies. The studies of negotiations and conflicts by Y. Aleshina, A. Bodalev, G. Borozdyna, N. Leonov, L. Petrovska deserve particular attention. A. Bodalev and N. Leonov conducted psychological studies of business communication types. Y. Aleshina and L. Petrovska examined the forms of business communication. M. Veber, R. D. George, F. Fukuyama focused on the study of interactive nature of the negotiations as a type of social interaction. Practical aspects of application of psychological knowledge in business communication and conduction of business negotiations are presented in the works of I. Aminov, A. Stolyarenko, V. Loznitsya, G. Shchokin. Nevertheless, peculiarities of conducting negotiations between interested parties in companies with medium and low level of organizational culture require further analytical research. Purpose of the article. The purpose of the work is to study the peculiarities of conducting business negotiations in commercial companies. Серія: Економічні науки Випуск 48
doi:10.24025/2306-4420.0.48.2018.126882 fatcat:cbsq3u4zkvgurkgcqmmrhnktli