On the activities of the RAS presidium in 2018. Report by the chief scientific secretary of the RAS presidium, RAS academician N.K. Dolgushkin

N. K. Dolgushkin
2019 Вестник Российской академии наук  
Chief Scientific Secretary of the RAS Presidium, RAS Academician N. K. Dolgushkin, has informed the General Meeting about the work done by the RAS Presidium during the reporting period and the key decisions made. The interaction between the Academy of Sciences and public authorities has been streamlined, and there is progress in international cooperation. Persistent efforts are being made to propel Russia into the ranks of world's leading countries in the field of scientific research.
doi:10.31857/s0869-5873899929-939 fatcat:madqg5m5drektjz5hn2nuy6mm4