Evaluation of inductively coupled plasma-ion trap mass spectrometry for lead isotopic measurements

Yasuhiro NISHIMURA, Masaki OHATA, Naoki FURUTA, Takayuki NABESHIMA
2004 Bunseki Kagaku  
In this paper, an ICP coupled with a three dimensional quadrupole mass spectrometer (ICP-3DQMS) was evaluated for lead isotopic measurements. The 3DQMS is a type of an ion trap mass spectrometer. These days, ICP coupled with a quadrupole mass spectrometer (ICP-QMS) is widely used for its advantages of high sensitivities and capability of isotopic measurements. However, the obtained precision ( RSD) of the isotopic measurements is limited to about 0.3 , because several isotopes are detected
more » ... s are detected sequentially. On the other hand, because 3DQMS can trap several isotopes simultaneously, a precision of less than 0.1 (ca. 0.08 ) could be achieved for 207 Pb/ 206 Pb and 208 Pb/ 206 Pb in this study. One drawback of 3DQMS is that there is a limitation on the number of total ions, that can be trapped. It was found that the value of [trapping time (ms) concentration (ng/ml)] influences the accuracy and precision of isotopic measurements.
doi:10.2116/bunsekikagaku.53.527 fatcat:pbs4kf4hmvca7eeonyjrlktdee