Hardware Design of Tuber Electrical Resistance Tomography System Based on the Soil Impedance Test and Analysis

Shuyi Liu, Xiang Deng, Zili Jiang, Yu Tang, A.J. Arumugham, M.M. Ulkhaq, M. Kocisko, R.K. Goyal, W.A. Yusmawiza, X. Qiu
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The hardware design of tuber electrical resistance tomography (TERT) system is one of the key research problems of TERT data acquisition system. The TERT system can be applied to the tuber growth process monitoring in agriculture, i.e., the TERT data acquisition system can realize the real imaging of tuber plants in soil. In TERT system, the imaging tuber and soil multiphase medium is quite complexity. So, the impedance test and analysis of soil multiphase medium is very important to the design
more » ... of sensitive array sensor subsystem and signals processing circuits. In the paper, the soil impedance test experimental is described and the results are analysed. The data acquisition hardware system is designed based on the result of soil medium impedance test and analysis. In the hardware design, the switch control chip ADG508, the instrumentation amplifier AD620 and programmable amplifier AD526 are employed. In the meantime, the phase locked loop technique for signal demodulation is introduced. The initial data collection is given and discussed under the conditions of existing plant tuber and no existing plant tuber. Conclusions of the hardware design of TERT system are presented.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20166812008 fatcat:4hogh3emrrbdjl6semz5xawnme