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1997 British Journal of Nutrition  
Absorption Study of magnesium bioavailability using stable isotopes and the inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry technique in the rat: single and double labelling approaches. 77, 957, 1997 The effects of feeding suet-enriched chow on site-specific differences in the composition of triacylglycerol fatty acids in adipose tissue and its interactions in vitro with lymphoid cells. 77, 621, 1997 Energy intakes, anthropometry and body composition of Nigerian adolescent girls: a case study of
more » ... institutionalized secondary school in Ibadan. 77,497, 1997 Non-starch polysaccharide intakes in Mexican 77, 345, 1997 Novel dietary strategy for overcoming the antinutritional effects of soyabean whey of high agglutinin content. 77,933, 1997 Effect of long-term refeeding on protein metabolism in patients with cirrhosis of the liver. 77, 197, 1997 Digestion of feed amino acids in the rumen and small intestine of dairy cows measured with nylon-bag techniques. 77, 83, 1997 Comparison of urinary 5-~-oxoproline (L-pyroglutamate) during normal pregnancy in women in England and Jamaica.
doi:10.1079/bjn19970095 fatcat:yqkc6knkfvekdb5v4xlm4dhf4a