A Secured Dynamic Group Sharing with V 2 Signature and Encryption Techniques in Public Cloud

Rajani Sajjan, Vijay Ghorpade, Nayantara Yerate
2013 International Journal of Science and Research   unpublished
Cloud systems can be used to enable data sharing capabilities and this can provide an abundant of benefits to the user. As group data sharing in public cloud computing has gained lots of popularity, providing privacy and security to the data shared has become top most priority. The cloud has a semi-trust kind and so it needs a security model which has no confidential data being exposed to cloud providers and attackers. Another important factor in providing privacy and security is periodic
more » ... y is periodic removal of unwanted files which if not done regularly then, may become a part of interest for attackers and can be misused. For this purpose, a secure group sharing framework for public cloud is proposed which combines V 2 Signature Admin and Broadcast Encryption Techniques. By applying the proxy signature technique, the group leader can effectively grant the privilege of group management to one or more chosen group members. The shared data will have a predefined life span which will be specified by data owner. When the life span expires, the group admin is responsible to ask the members whether they need that file anymore and take action accordingly. A very high authentication is required to achieve identity privacy.