Regular rotating black holes and the weak energy condition

J.C.S. Neves, Alberto Saa
2014 Physics Letters B  
We revisit here a recent work on regular rotating black holes. We introduce a new mass function generalizing the commonly used Bardeen and Hayward mass functions and extend the recently proposed solutions in order to accommodate a cosmological constant Λ. We discuss some aspects of the causal structure (horizons) and the ergospheres of the new proposed solutions. We also show that, in contrast with the spherically symmetrical case, the black hole rotation will unavoidably lead to the violation
more » ... f the weak energy condition for any physically reasonable choice of the mass function, reinforcing the idea the description of the interior region of a Kerr black hole is much more challenging than in the Schwarzschild case.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2014.05.026 fatcat:qo2nrpjskffljkrye34kpmslxe