Assessment of centrifugation using for accelerated immunological microarray analysis for blood cells investigation

A. V. Shishkin, N. G. Ovchinina, S. S. Bessmeltsev
2014 Onkogematologiâ  
Phase of incubation microarray with cell suspension is prolonged when cells are investigated. It takes from 20 to 60 min if cell sedimentation on the surface of microarray is the result of gravity . Decrease of this stage duration is possible due to centrifugation. In th is article influence of centrifugation on results of analysis is considered. Changes of morphological description of cells are estimated when they a re precipitatedwith different acceleration. Also availability of
more » ... ty of centrifugation using when it is necessary to obtain the high density of cell binding in test regions of microarray if cells concentration in sample is small is demonstrated.
doi:10.17650/1818-8346-2011-6-3-76-81 doaj:3b062479faf045d1a8380e70fdc57c18 fatcat:wzlcox4msrcp7cenvy6xkdyniu