Management of Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma with Radioiodine and Recombinant Human TSH

Kiminori SUGINO, Koichi ITO, Hiroshi TAKAMI
2006 Endocrine journal  
Recombinant human TSH (rhTSH) brought revolutionary change in the management of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer since it was first approved for clinical use in the United States and Europe. Follow-up management of differentiated thyroid cancer is based on the detection of recurrent or residual cancer, traditionally achieved by measurement of serum thyroglobulin level and various imaging techniques including 131I whole body scan. Previously, TSH stimulation was achieved only by
more » ... ion of hypothyroidism following withdrawal of thyroid hormone. However, hypothyroidism is uncomfortable and is association with a reduction in quality of life. RhTSH can provide elevated TSH without making patients hypothyroid. In the United States and Europe, rhTSH is approved for use only in monitoring of differentiated thyroid cancer. In this article, we reviewed the role of rhTSH in the diagnosis and management of differentiated thyroid cancer. History The glycoprotein hormones TSH, FSH, and LH consist of two distinct subunits, an alpha subunit and a
doi:10.1507/ pmid:16960401 fatcat:4im3oxkdv5gxfcdp42qu765vom