Бредихин В.Е. Регулирование состава ВЛКСМ во второй половине 1930-х — начале 1940-х гг

2016 Genesis исторические исследования  
This article considers the contribution to philology made by B. A. Larin, a professor at Leningrad University. He formulated many ideas which remain relevant today. They include a comprehensive description of writers' language, dialectal nondifferential dictionaries, lexicographic analysis of the vernacular of Moscow Rus' between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, studies on urban colloquial speech (argot and jargon in particular), analysis of semantic lexical dominants relying on the
more » ... relying on the diachronic approach, and discussions of principles of historical phraseology, etc. The scholar not only solved many issues connected with modern philology but also laid the foundations for further research. One of Larin's main research interests was semantics, to which he devoted many of his works. In his study of semantics, he relied on a multi-dimensional examination of living colloquial speech both synchronically and diachronically. His most important ideas and projects related to this sphere: the colloquial language of Muscovite Rus' in its everyday written form and notes made by foreigners; the living idiomatised speech of the Praying by Daniel the Immured; urban argot, Pskovian dialects, and the dialects of Pechora and Nekrasov Cossacks; the colloquial speech of Nizhny Novgorod examined through the prism of Gorky's autobiographical trilogy, etc. * Исследование выполнено при поддержке Российского научного фонда (проект № 17-18-01062 -«Полный фразеологический словарь русских народных говоров», реализуемый в Санкт-Петербургском государственном университете). Hereditas: nomina et scholae 904 The majority of his ideas became long-term research projects which have already been realised to a large extent in dictionaries co-authored by Larin's students at the interdepartmental lexicographical centre of the University of St Petersburg.
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