Plant development and nutrient uptake rate in Dendrobium nobile Lindl

Juliana Garcia dos Santos Ichinose, Cibele Mantovani, Renata Bachin Mazzini-Guedes, Kathia Fernandes Lopes Pivetta, Ricardo Tadeu de Faria, Roberto Lyra Villas Bôas, Rodrigo Thibes Hoshino
2018 Journal of plant nutrition  
Dendrobium nobile Lindl. is one of the most cultivated and distributed orchids around the world; however, information on its nutrition is scarce. Our objective was to study the plant development and nutrient accumulation in plants of D. nobile weekly fertilized with 100 mL Sarruge nutrient solution at 75% concentration. One plant per replication was randomly collected every month, along 12 months, totaling four plants. Dry matter (DM) and nutrient accumulation were determined for the different
more » ... lant parts. Plants had already accumulated nearly 50% of total DM up to the flowering stage (240 days after first fertilization, DAFF). Order and amount of accumulated nutrients, at 360 DAFF, was, in mg per plant: K (701.07) > N (339.44) > Ca (289.03) > Mg (135.44) > P (118.83) > S (23.56); in mg per plant, it was Fe (14,122.35) > Zn (5,277.82) > Mn (3,216.87) > B (1,253.02) > Cu (271.25). ARTICLE HISTORY
doi:10.1080/01904167.2018.1482913 fatcat:rksmprclujdfdk3f5p2lsgdqou