A Simple and Practical Approach to Improve Misspellings in OCR Text [article]

Junxia Lin
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The focus of our paper is the identification and correction of non-word errors in OCR text. Such errors may be the result of incorrect insertion, deletion, or substitution of a character, or the transposition of two adjacent characters within a single word. Or, it can be the result of word boundary problems that lead to run-on errors and incorrect-split errors. The traditional N-gram correction methods can handle single-word errors effectively. However, they show limitations when dealing with
more » ... lit and merge errors. In this paper, we develop an unsupervised method that can handle both errors. The method we develop leads to a sizable improvement in the correction rates. This tutorial paper addresses very difficult word correction problems - namely incorrect run-on and split errors - and illustrates what needs to be considered when addressing such problems. We outline a possible approach and assess its success on a limited study.
arXiv:2106.12030v1 fatcat:gbafkl5ilrcq7hzloo6fwmryva