Giuli Giguashvili, Tamar Makasarashvili
2022 InterConf  
Restrictions imposed to stop the spread of Covid-19 in Georgia have led to a significant slowdown in economic activity. Stopped hotels, restaurants, retail stores, disrupted air and rail traffic, empty museums, casinos, and sports fields have become the cause of lots of lost jobs and reduced incomes. The pandemic aggravated the problems of the Georgian labor market. The number of unemployed has increased, the income of the population has decreased, and the standard of living has fallen. The aim
more » ... of the paper is to analyze the problems of unemployment in Georgia in the context of Covid 19 and post-Covid challenges and to find ways to solve them; The paper is based on a review of leading scientific publications and statistical data, an assessment of the main directions of the state anti-crisis policy. Statistics and real reality show that unemployment problems in developing economies are particularly acute. Unemployment is the most acute socio-economic problem and current challenge in Georgia. It appears to be a major contributing factor to poverty in the country. Clearly, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, promoting employment in any country's economic activity and solving existing social problems is of paramount importance, both through improving the business environment and taking measures necessary for the efficient functioning of the labor market.
doi:10.51582/interconf.19-20.04.2022.003 fatcat:5vt6u3n7gbemjcycuzue4qc2ky