Approximate stabilizer rank and improved weak simulation of Clifford-dominated circuits for qudits

Yifei Huang, Peter Love
2019 Physical Review A  
Bravyi and Gosset recently gave classical simulation algorithms for quantum circuits dominated by Clifford operations. These algorithms scale exponentially with the number of T-gate in the circuit, but polynomially in the number of qubits and Clifford operations. Here we extend their algorithm to qudits of odd prime dimensions. We generalize their approximate stabilizer rank method for weak simulation to qudits and obtain the scaling of the approximate stabilizer rank with the number of
more » ... udit magic states. We also relate the canonical form of qudit stabilizer states to Gauss sum evaluations. We give an O(n^3) algorithm to calculating the inner product of two n-qudit stabilizer states.
doi:10.1103/physreva.99.052307 fatcat:wxby3jitefbbdcy4gvsdjamr2i