MPPT Controller for PV Array under Partially Shaded Condition

Abd Essalam BADOUD
2019 Algerian Journal of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development  
The output power of the Photovoltaic system having multiple arrays is reduced to a great extent when it is partially shaded due to environmental hindrances. Conventional popular MPPT methods are effective under uniform solar irradiance. However, under partially shaded conditions, these MPPTs can fail to track the real MPP because of the multiple local maxima which can be existed on PV characteristic curve under partially shaded condition. This paper reports the development of a maximum
more » ... nt tracking method for photovoltaic systems under partially shaded conditions using bond graph. The major advantages of the proposed method are simple computational steps, faster convergence, and its implementation on a low-cost microcontroller. The performance of proposed MPPT is analyzed according to the position of real MPP. Simulation results have been contrasted with real measured data from a commercial PV module of Photowatt PW1650.
doi:10.46657/ajresd.2019.1.1.10 fatcat:bb3c6l7s4zdivl2xl7a42xylim