MSFD In-Depth Knowledge of the Marine Environment as the Stepping Stone to Perform Marine Spatial Planning in Greece

Theodora Paramana, Aikaterini Karditsa, Niki Milatou, Stelios Petrakis, Persefoni Megalofonou, Serafim Poulos, Manos Dassenakis
2021 Water  
The multiple anthropogenic activities taking place in the marine environment increase and create a high demand for maritime space. The pressures generated thereof on coastal and marine resources require an integrated planning and management approach. The MSPD (2014/89/EU) forms the legislative framework to regulate maritime activities and ensure a sustainable use of the marine environment. Based on the MSFD (2008/56/EC), the present study provides an overview of the state of the marine
more » ... nt in Greece and the existing pressures while examining the potential contribution of MSFD knowledge to the MSPD implementation, identifying possible knowledge gaps for the subsequent MSP process phases. It is supported that the MSFD constitutes the best available scientific knowledge about the ecosystem and its dynamics, and provides an open access database which should be optimally used in the MSP process. The MSFD data provided concerning Greece can support the implementation of the MSP process, as the MSFD qualitative descriptors of state and pressures feed MSP sectors with environmental data essential for the MSP application, and weigh the intensity of each descriptor contribution to this interrelationship. Considering MSPD requires the adoption of an ecosystem-based approach, it can only attain its goals based on MSFD input and aspirations.
doi:10.3390/w13152084 fatcat:vc75s7tojjavnocaxijqdpirfi