Neutrinos vis-à-vis the six-dimensional standard model

Thomas Appelquist, Bogdan A. Dobrescu, Eduardo Pontón, Ho-Ung Yee
2002 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
We examine the origin of neutrino masses and oscillations in the context of the six-dimensional standard model. The space-time symmetries of this model explain proton stability and forbid Majorana neutrino masses. The consistency of the six-dimensional theory requires three right-handed neutrinos, and therefore Dirac neutrino masses are allowed. We employ the idea that the smallness of these masses is due to the propagation of the right-handed neutrinos in a seventh, warped dimension. We argue
more » ... hat this class of theories is free of gravitational anomalies. Although an exponential hierarchy arises between the neutrino masses and the electroweak scale, we find that the mass hierarchy among the three neutrino masses is limited by higher-dimension operators. All current neutrino oscillation data, except for the LSND result, are naturally accommodated by our model. In the case of the solar neutrinos, the model leads to the large mixing angle, MSW solution. The mechanism employed, involving three right-handed neutrinos coupled to a scalar in an extra dimension, may explain the features of the neutrino spectrum in a more general class of theories that forbid Majorana masses.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.65.105019 fatcat:wgzdtsxk35asdm2o5ryvynguoe