Security and Authentication Scheme for Software Defined Network

Software-Defined Network (SDN) is regarded as one of the most significant areas for future networking. SDN architecture is a revolutionary new concept that offers more mobility, a high degree of automation and shorter delivery time by pushing the conventional network to be software-based. SDN architecture dynamically separates the control plane from the network data (forwarding) plane, providing a centralized view of the network as a whole and making it easier to manage and monitor the
more » ... of the network. Furthermore, the SDN's initial design, with its centralized control point, does not accurately perceive the security requirements, which poses additional challenges to security issues. Security and authentication scheme in SDN is being surveyed in this paper providing advances in this field to both the research community and the industry. Then start with a list of identified threats to security and SDN breaches. The article analyzes previously outlined security and authentication solutions for SDN. The challenges in securing the network from the attacker are discussed and the holistic security approach required for SDN is described. It will identify future directions for research that will be key to providing network security in SDN.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.d1659.029420 fatcat:7zbrtmtfwfczbktzyhc4vkzc7e