The Micro-Geometry Evaluation on Steel Sheets after Chemical Surface Treatment

Dagmar Draganovská, Miroslav Tomáš, Peter Ižol
2013 Technological Engineering  
The protection of metal materials by coatings is one of the most important way to protect the surface against corrosion. Galvanisation of metal surfaces by an electric current is one of the most frequent way of surface treatment due to its wide application. The paper is oriented to the evaluation of the surface quality in terms of micro-geometry. The basic surface of the steel sheet S235JRG2 has been evaluted and compared to the degreased one, galvanized one and surface after galvanizing,
more » ... tizing and phosphating. The microgeometry parameters such as the arithmetical mean deviation Ra, the maximum height of profile Rz, the total height of profile Rt as well as the the mean width of the profile elements RSm and the number of peaks per unit length RPc has been compared.
doi:10.2478/teen-2013-0016 fatcat:6b7nidivrrfoznopuwinu2blui