Markovian regularization of Hermite-transform-based SAR image classification

Penelope Lopez-Quiroz, Boris Escalante-Ramirez, Jose L. Silvan-Cardenas, Lorenzo Bruzzone
2004 Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing IX  
A novel classification scheme for SAR images based on the perceptual classification of image patterns in the Discrete Hermite Transform domain has been developed. In order to obtain the DHT referred to a rotated coordinate system the set of coefficients of a given order are mapped through a unitary transformation based on the generalized binomial function. This representation allows a perceptual classification, including constant patterns (0-D), oriented structures (1-D), and non-oriented
more » ... ures (2-D). Classification is based on light adaptation and contrast masking properties of the human vision. Finally, classification is improved by means of a probabilistic approach based on Markov Random Fields.
doi:10.1117/12.511402 fatcat:d3x6bxljtva5bp72xchjh4koui