Is It A Return Gift To Bhagat Singh ?

Mr. Mansavi Patyar
2018 Zenodo  
Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh once said, "it"s easy to kill a person but not his ideology." Isn"t it opposite in this present world? Bhagat Singh is still alive as a person, but his ideology is thing of past. He said anything that is intolerable towards independent thoughts should be abolished. This is a part of Lahore"s manifesto of "Naojawan Bharat Sabha" in 1928. Is media playing same role as it played during Singh"s time or it has changed? Ex-cept a few ones, isn"t reporting by media going
more » ... ough a phase of com-mercialization? Because in 1928, as per Bhagat Singh, it has even been seen that religious leaders and newspapers added fuel to the fire of riots. Those leaders who took responsibility to set India free and who never took a sigh of relief from raising slogans of nationalism have either become mute or might be with the flow of some religious leaders. It was the year of 1928 when Hindu-Muslim riots were at peak, what would be the age of Bhagat Singh at that moment? It was around 20 and some months. In 1928, Singh said others who play major role to lit fire of religious riots are newspaper owners. Business of media reporting which held high rank previously has become polluted. This is the reason of being in terrible grief which brainstorms a person"s mind regarding future. From that time till now there is hardly a pinch of skepticism on the fact that media has altered its role. It previously used to favour winning parties and till now doing the same. So, along with Singh as a personality it"s very much required to keep thoughts of Bhagat Singh alive so that media and religion wouldn"t interrupt each other & work independently. This is actual tribute to martyrdom of Bhagat Singh and all the leaders alike.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1403484 fatcat:n36hc3zwxnajppba3ef4q7pv4q