CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing)

Colette O'Connell
1987 Science & technology libraries (New York, N.Y.)  
How to cite the article: Souza IA, Stona D, Júnior LH, Spohr AM. Evaluation of the weakest interface in the adhesive luting of a computer-aided design/ computer-aided manufacturing composite resin. J Int Oral Health 2016;8(4):465-470. Abstract: Background: The aim of the study was to evaluate, in vitro, the weakest bond interface of lava ultimate onlays luted with Scotchbond Universal and RelyX Ultimate. Materials and Methods: A total of 56 Lava Ultimate onlays were milled and divided into
more » ... groups according to the luting procedure to the human teeth (n = 7): G1 and G2 -Scotchbond Universal using the etch-and-rinse technique; G3 and G4 -Scotchbond Universal using the self-etch technique; G5 and G6 -Scotchbond Universal using the etch-and-rinse technique + adhesive application on the onlay; G7 and G8 -Scotchbond Universal using the self-etch mode + adhesive application on the onlay. The onlays were luted with RelyX Ultimate. Only the samples from G2, G4, G6 and G8 were submitted to cyclic loading. Beams with a cross section area of ~0.80 mm 2 were obtained and submitted to microtensile bond strength (µTBS) test in a universal testing machine. The types of failure were observed in optical microscope. Results: According to three-way analysis of variance, there was a significant interaction between the three factors (P = 0.006). The µTBS means (MPa) followed by the same letter represent no statistical difference by Tukey's post-hoc test (P < 0.05): G6 = 34.64 a , G1 = 34.48 a , G2 = 31.94 ab , G5 = 30.88 abc , G7 = 26.66 bc , G8 = 24.03 cd , G4 = 18.81 de , G3 = 14.64 e . Most failures were at the resinous agentrestoration interface. Conclusion: The resinous agent-restoration interface corresponded to the weakest interface. The application of Scotchbond Universal on the internal surface of the onlay was not a relevant procedure.
doi:10.1300/j122v07n04_13 fatcat:k5zhokjycnhwdk6cbldydasnm4