Interparticle arrival time analysis of bubble distributions in a dropshaft and hydraulic jump

Carlo Gualtieri, Hubert Chanson
2013 Journal of Hydraulic Research  
The analysis of bubble clustering in air-water flows may provide some measure of the bubble-turbulence interactions. A cluster of bubbles is as a group of two or more bubbles, with a distinct separation from other bubbles. This paper compares the results of a clustering study in a dropshaft and in a hydraulic jump to point out differences/similarities between those complex turbulent flows. The clustering process was studied through the analysis of the interparticle arrival time of the bubbles.
more » ... he results highlighted the presence of clustering in both bubbly flows due mostly to turbulent break-up. The range of bubbles sizes mainly affected by clustering was identified. The results showed that the bubbly flow in the dropshaft had a density of bubbles per unit flux larger than that in the hydraulic jump. Overall, the results demonstrated the relevance of the interparticle arrival times analysis in the study of bubbly flows.
doi:10.1080/00221686.2012.762430 fatcat:p32dwdd6ebasbmntmg4dmaxhoq